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Design And Test

We have our own R&D team and test lab which can ensure the new arrival stove with the perfect functionality and performance.

Before the new stove is launched, our team will carefully evaluate the structure, size, part material, and weight of the stove, not allowing any incorrect calculation to cause dysfunctionality. After the property is ready, the technician will conduct the WBT test in our lab to check its performance and where to make the next improvement for higher efficiency and lower emissions.

  • Design

    Ceramic Chamber

  • Test

    Dry Kiln

  • Test

    Ceramic storage


Ceramic and powder coating

Ceramic chamber with metal liner is the major highlight of our improved cookstove used on carbon finance projects.

The featured Ceramic chamber is contributed to the outstanding performance of wood-burning stoves on carbon finance projects, greatly extending the lifespan. It has the feature of good insulation and heat resistance, and can magically float in the water. The powder coating workshop offers more color options for the customer and reduces the rust happens of metal parts.

  • manufacturing process of punching


  • manufacturing process of Welding


  • manufacturing process of Bottom Mounting

    Bottom Mounting

  • manufacturing process of Rolling


  • manufacturing process of Auto Seam Welding

    Auto Seam Welding

  • manufacturing process of Auto welding

    Auto welding


Metal Parts Production

Automatic machines and experienced staff make sure the metal parts produced exactly as designed.

Manufacturing of metal stove part is a complicated process that requires punching, rolling, welding, pressing and other related processes. We equipped the metal process workshop with the advanced automated seam welding machines for the stove body and combustion chamber, which greatly improves the efficiency of the metal parts processing.

  • Assemble A


  • Inspection



Assemble and Inspection

Given detailed assemble manual and strict quality control standards, up to 2,268 Rocket Stoves can be assembled within One day.

Our experienced staff is familiar with the stove parts design. They will finish the parts installation with both hands and semi-automated tools, and make sure the stoves are correctly and efficiently assembled. The quality inspectors will carry out the three times inspections including parts inspection, finished product inspection, and random packaged inspection, to check the appearance, fixation, compliance, and other relevant prior to shipment.

  • Storage


  • manufacturing process of Welding

    Wooden case pacakge

  • Container Load

    Container Load


Warehousing and shipping

Sufficient warehouse area to store the finished stove to ship. Three 40HC can be loaded at same time.

The sample stoves are packaged by double boxes or wooden cases, the trial order will be packaged by wood pallet and the mass stove into the container normally. The finished stoves will be placed on the wood pallets with less than 4 layers prior to loading into the container. Besides, we can help to keep the stoves in our warehouse for free, and the quantity should be less than 3 containers and the time is less than 1 month.

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