Our team focuses a lot on improving the combustion efficiency and reducing smoke emissions. Expert production technology makes our stoves known in the industry.

Design And Calculation

Professional Design And Calculation Ensure Perfect Functionality

A sophisticated calculation is very important for the production of rocket stoves. When designing a new rocket stove, our experts will carefully evaluate the size and weight of the stove.

The length, diameter, circumference, combustion chamber area and the gaps within will all be taken into consideration. We will not allow any incorrect calculation to cause dysfunctionality.

raw material selection

The Carefully-selected Raw Material Guarantees Strength And Durability

For raw material, we will carefully select the cold-rolled sheet Q235 with a thickness of 0.5mm, stainless steel SUS304 and 201 and some high-quality cast iron.

The use of these high-quality raw materials guarantees the strength and durability of our rocket stoves, ensuring our products will not easily rust, deform or get damaged, thus prolonging the service life to 3 - 5 years.

  • manufacturing process of punching


  • manufacturing process of rolling


  • manufacturing process of welding


  • manufacturing process of pressing



Stove Body Manufactured By Advanced Automated Machines

Stove body manufacturing is a complicated process that requires:
  • punching
  • rolling
  • welding
  • pressing

and other related processes which ensure that the parts of the stove body are produced exactly as designed. We have equipped our factory with the advanced automated production machines, and this greatly improves the efficiency of the metal parts processing.


Assembling Up To 2,268 Rocket Stoves Within One Day

The assembly line will put all of the parts together, including: top, bottom, body, door, handle, combustion chamber, and other necessary parts, and this complete process will be done in a smooth working order.

Our experienced staff are familiar with the stove parts design. They will finish the parts installation by both hands and machines, and make sure the stoves are correctly and efficiently assembled.

quality control

Quality Control Conducted In Our Own Testing Laboratory

SSM COOK has a strict quality control standard to ensure each piece of our rocket stoves is of high quality. Our deep understanding of the stove technology enables us to better control quality.

Tests including the appearance inspection, stove parts fixation inspection, combustion efficiency testing, and also other relevant inspections will be conducted in our own testing laboratory prior to shipment.

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