Pellet Stove


Want to find the cleanest stove with almost no smoke? The SSM COOK pellet stove is your first choice. As a pellet stove manufacturer with years of manufacturing experience, we focus on developing new products and technologies.

Our pellet stove has a detachable fan and an ash drawer, allowing users to easily control the firepower or do the cleaning. It burns with compressed pellets that create more heat than the traditional stoves, providing users with a controllable and convenient cooking method with heat efficiency of more than 40%.

  • Convenient To Use

    In areas that lack well-seasoned firewood, pellets are more convenient for people to store and use as they can be purchased any time of the year.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Pellets are usually made from wood chips, bark, agricultural crop waste, waste paper, and other organic materials, and are therefore more environmentally friendly than other sources of energy.

  • Clean and Controllable

    Pellet stoves are easier to keep clean as they produceless ash when burning pellets, and are also more controllable as they don’t require constant refueling.

Wide Applications In Different Situations

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