Biomass Stove

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The biomass stove is an improved cookstove, designed to replace the traditional open fire like the three-stones cooking method inefficient and comes with crazy smoke and emission unhealthy to women and children.

Due to the featured ceramic chamber with metal liner, cast iron stovetop, and pot skirt, our biomass stoves were widely used on the carbon-finance projects to make a difference for the millions household.

  • Fuel Accessible

    In areas that do not have access to gas or electrica, a biomass stove is a better option as biomass fuel is easier to obtain.

  • Money Saving

    Biomass fuel is cheaper even no cost to obtain compared to gas, oil, or electricity, meaning it will save money.

  • Exceptional heat

    Biomass stove burn with high combustion efficiency and warm the air more quickly, and the burning creates the scene which is rather pleasant to watch.

Wide Applications In Different Situations

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