Multiple Awards In A Single Year

With outstanding achievement in using sustainable energy to improve the quality of life and protect the environment, SSMCOOK (short for Shengzhou Stove Manufacturer) won International Energy Champion 2009 of the Ashden Awards for sustainable energy, and the Special Achievement Award of PCIA, in appreciation and recognition of our commitment to mass production and distribution of improved cookstove for the world market. From the year 2009, we walked to the field of clean cooking and were recognized by experts, partners, project developers, and customers.

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Achievement Based On Focus On Clean Cooking

The two core factors that contributed to the achievement are the concentration for more than 40years and continuous improvement. Moving forward, we will keep integrating our stove knowledge and technology into every step of the production process, allowing well-designed and practical rocket stoves to be brought to the market.

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SSM COOK Products

We are the biggest rocket stove supplier in scale around the world.

Clean Rocket Stoves Can Make A Difference

Compared to the traditional three-stone fire, our clean rocket stove is making changes on issues about health, climate, deforestation and livelihoods.

traditional three stone fire

Traditional Three-Stone Fire

clean rocket stove

Clean Rocket Stove

  • Cooking over open fire creates a risk of burns and scalds, produces high levels of indoor air pollution, resulting in respiratory illnesses.
    health icon Health
    Clever design ensures almost complete combustion, reduces smoke and other toxic emissions, thus lowers the risks of illness and saves lives.
  • People spend a lot of time and money on fuel collection, while they spend much less time working or remaining in school.
    livelihoods iconLivelihoods
    This clean and efficient cooking method helps people to decrease the expenditure on fuels and reduce the time for fuel collection.
  • As heat is allowed to escape into the open air, users need to gather more wood for fuel, and this results in increased deforestation.
    deforestation iconDeforestation
    Accepts small-diameter fuel such as twigs or small branches, and also requires lower consumption of firewood thanks to the improvement of energy efficiency.
  • The emission of black carbon and other greenhouse gases such as CO2 exacerbates global climate change.
    climate iconClimate
    It is more efficient than traditional cooking methods and significantly lowers the emission of black carbon and greenhouse gases.

Continuous Improvement Help You Business Stand Out

  • Professionalism

    For the past 40 years, we focus on the clean cooking and rocket stove technolgy, partner with leading reserach centers and test labs, make our stoves to get a good lead.
  • Capacity

    Benefit from the carbon-finance projects and hot sales on amazon, we upgraded the production line with advanced fully automated equipment and achieve the output of 3000 stoves per day.

Benefit From SSM COOK

  • 3-5 Years Of Service Life

    3 - 5 years of service life guaranteed by good raw material and the expert technology used in the stove body design.
  • Low MOQ

    Low MOQ starts from 1 piece, with the same top quality and value-adding services guaranteed.
  • Available Sample

    The product sample is available before you order large volume shipments or search further cooperation.
  • Fast Delivery

    With 700,000 - 800,000 stoves manufactured per year, our strong production capacity ensures fast delivery within 25 - 30 days.
  • Customer Service

    Our 24/7 online support and the 1 - 2 year product warranty period help you to solve any technical problem.
  • Competitive Price

    The self-owned factory and automated production line enable us to better control the costs and product price.

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