Charcoal Stove

Charcoal stove Stovetop

Burning charcoal is a traditional way of energizing everyday cooking or heating in many parts of the world because it is both economical and fuel-efficient.

In areas where burning charcoal is common, the SSM COOK charcoal stove is your appealing option as its rocket structure effectively minimizes heat loss and reduces smoke emissions by 50%. This allows for quick cooking with less toxic smoke. Being constructed from the mud combustion core, and having a metal stove body, the stove is heat-resistant and heat-preserved, as well as more durable and user-friendly.

  • Traditional

    Charcoal is a traditional fuel widely accepted by people. In areas where charcoal is available, charcoal stoves are popular.

  • Reducing Deforestation

    Charcoal stoves require less fuel than traditional stoves, and thus help reduce deforestation.

  • More Heat, Less Smoke

    Using charcoal, charcoal stoves produce more heat and demand less fuel to maintain heat output, also have no or little smoke when burning.

Wide Applications In Different Situations

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