• All parts of F-18
  • Fan connect the power bank
  • Removable fan
  • Handle
  • All parts of F-18
  • Fan connect the power bank
  • Removable fan
  • Handle

Qicker cooker F-18

F-18 is the 1st generation fan stove from SSM COOK, which designed for burning wood pellets and charcoal.

There are three levels of firepower. Low, middle and High, you can adjust the firepower to achieve different cook task via the button on the fan. The fan is removable, and you can use the USB to connect the fan with a different power source like power bank, socket, solar panel, and others.


  • Quick, saving time. 5L water can be boiling in 15mins.
  • Clean, no smoke. There is no smoke during the burning process and no black on the pot after burning.
  • Efficient, high heat efficiency, saving fuel and money.1kg wood pellets can burn for 60mins.

Besides, wood chips and other biomass can also be used for the stove except for wood pellets and charcoal.

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Part nameSpecification
StoveStovetopCast iron, outer dia. 260mm, inner dia.100mm
Stove body0.5mm stainless steel 201
Combustion chamberOuter dia.145mm, depth 200mm, mineral wool and 1mm stainless steel liner 304
GratesTwo models, one is for wood pellets, the other is for charcoal. The material is stainless steel.
HookSteel. Remove the grate and fuels.
Fuel capacity1kg wood pellets or 0.4kg charcoal
Fan12V, 0.35A. CE approved


How to use the SSM fan

The SSM fan is intended to convey fresh air into a stove.

There are three operating modes, indicated by the letters L, H, and M on the label of the fan:

  • L means the Low speed, only L indicator light on.
  • M means the medium speed, only M light on.
  • H means the High speed, both L light, and M light are on.

After you connect the fan with the power bank, you can use the fan. The speed change of the fan is L-M-H-L-M-H-L

  1. Press the button for the 1st time, the fan starts at low speed.
  2. Press the button again, and the fan will run to the next level.
  3. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds, and the fan will stop operation.



  • To protect the plastic parts from burning, you must make sure that the stove door is open when the fan does not work.
  • The fan can work via a USB cable connecting household socket, power bank or solar panel. You must make sure that the input voltage is 5V.
  • You can remove the cable when the fan stops working after having pressed the button for 5 seconds.
  • The SSM fan conforms to the directives 2006/42/EC (machinery), 2014/30/EU (EMC), 2011/65/EU (RoHS)



  • When charcoal mode, we suggest only use low model.
  • Pellet mode, we suggest medium. When there is no flame, use large.
  • Must make sure the stove door open when the fan not works, avoid the plastic parts on the fan burnt out.
  • Make sure the input voltage of the fan is 5V.


Simple manual

Pellet model

Under this model, biomass pellets, briquette, and wood chips are available on the stove, however, the fuel must meet the requirements (diameter less than 3cm, length less than 5cm, moisture less than 15%).

  1. Put the pellets in the chamber and keep at the height of 1-2cm below the secondary air intake holes.
  2. Extrude solid alcohol or spray kerosene on the surface of the pellets evenly, then light the stove.
  3. Close the door, press the button to a small level. Put the cookware on the stovetop and start cooking.
  4. According to your cook task, adjust it to the right level. At the late period of the pellet burning, you can use the small level for simmering.
  5. When finishing cooking or stop cooking, please long press for 2s to turn off the fan and open the door.
  6. Wait 15-20 minutes to ensure the stove cool down. Insert the ashtray, lift the grate with a fire hook to throw the ash on the ashtray then take out.


Charcoal model (Small level are advised under the charcoal model)

  1. Use charcoal grate. Knead the newspaper or paper into the chamber, ignite and add small & dry wood sticks.
  2. Close the door, turn on the fan, then put some charcoal.
  3. Add more charcoal when the flame becomes a little stronger, put the cookware and start cooking.


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